I became interested in Yoga and Astral projection in my early twenties. It drastically changed my perception of myself and the world around me. In my early teens I was pretty much like every other teenager. I was interested in the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, rock and roll, dating, going out and having a good time, I was raised in a middle class family with normal social values of: working hard, trying to be nice, spending time with my family and friends on the weekend. I pretty much viewed the world as I found it. I believed in what I could see, touch, feel, hear, taste. I was raised with Christian values so I did believe in God but I didn't think too much about spirituality.

My spiritual awakening occurred in the fall of 1975 while I was camping in Devil's Lake, Wisconsin. One moonless dark night, I had just curled up in my sleeping bag. I had just begun to drift off into sleep when suddenly I found myself outside the tent, kind of walking/floating around in the dark. I became alarmed and felt really disoriented. I could not figure out how I had gotten outside the tent and what I was doing there. I cried out for my cousin who was in the tent sleeping. But he did not hear me. I went into the screen tent looking for help. I yelled as loud as I could and in the next instant I was back in the tent dripping in sweat. It was not a dream. I have had plenty of dreams and this was not a dream. It happened and I experienced it just as I am writing this book. Quite aware of who I was and oriented times three as they say. The experience scared the living daylights out of me and shook the very foundation of my worldly perceptions.