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Dixitque Deus Fiat Lux Et Facta Est Lux

Astral Yoga is the art of spiritual development through ancient yogic practices. Most people today are very familiar with the practice of Hatha Yoga, and its concentration on various “asanas” or postures and breathing exercises. This is excellent for bringing flexibility and good health for your body, but it really is only the preparation for deeper yogic development.

Astral Yoga involves developing the intuition and spiritual abilities, called “siddhis”. Siddhis have been described as spiritual powers or abilities by Patanjali, who is considered the “Father of Yoga”. Patanjali wrote about developing spiritual abilities in his Yoga Sutras. Spiritual abilities are known today as: extra-sensory perception, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, remote viewing, scrying, levitation, and astral projection. Although these spiritual abilities appear to be supernatural, they are really just the natural progression of human development towards Self-Realization which is the real goal of Yoga.

I have been practicing yoga for several years and have experienced many of these abilities in my own life. This led me to write about my experiences and challenges that I faced on this path. Other yogis and people on the spiritual path have experienced these spiritual powers in their own life also. Christian saints, such as Teresa of Avila, referred to these spiritual abilities as spiritual gifts from God. Teresa was known to levitate while in deep prayer. Hindu yogis are able to do extraordinary feats, such as enduring extreme cold while meditating out in the frigid snow deep in the mountains of Tibet. Mystics throughout the ages have reported supernatural phenomenon, like Immanuel Swedenborg, who had experiences of “remote viewing” and was able to see events occurring in other cities, while at home in bed.

Everyone has the potential to develop their intuition and spiritual abilities for themselves. You do not have to be a prophet or a saint. It is part of our spiritual evolution. Astral Yoga is a path towards spiritual development and fulfillment. Through ancient yogic practices, we can enhance our intuition and broaden our consciousness of the universe. By raising our horizons, we gain a better understanding of who we are and our purpose on this planet.


Are you having difficulties or challenges with your astral projection practice? Please feel free to email Jill at Jilllowy@yahoo.com with your questions. Please summarize your experiences and the nature of your current difficulties. She will give you free guidance and recommendations on your practice.



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